The Home Office is developing a digital immigration system and therefore physical documents which include BRP (biometrics residence permit), BRC (biometrics residence card), and visa endorsements in passport (such as entry clearance vignette, indefinite leave to remain and so on) are being replaced with an eVisa.

An eVisa is an online record of your immigration status and the conditions of your permission to enter and stay in the UK.

If you have a BRP that expires on 31 December 2024 and your permission to stay as per the Home Office decision letter is for longer duration, then you will be contacted by Home Office with instructions on how to create a UKVI account. You will then be able to create your online account and access your eVisa later in 2024.

What you need to do

  1. Create your UKVI account to access your eVisa and conditions of your visa upon receipt of instructions from Home Office to create one.
  2. Once your UKVI account is created, you will be able to view the details of your eVisa online, when it expires and your conditions of stay in the UK. Updating your physical document to an eVisa does not affect your immigration status or the conditions of your permission to enter or stay in the UK. You will also be able to share information about your immigration status with third parties such as employers or landlords using the view and prove service.
  3. Your eVisa will be linked to your passport in your UKVI account. You must keep your passport details up to date in your UKVI account so that your immigration status can be easily identified at the UK border. If you obtain a new passport, you must update your UKVI account with your new passport details.

In the future you’ll be able to use an eVisa to travel to the UK, you will not need to carry a physical document, except for your current passport, which must be registered to your UKVI account. Until the end of 2024, you will need to continue to carry your physical document when you travel, if you have one.