Exceptional assurance is short-term protection offered to those visiting the UK or with temporary permission to stay in the UK, who are unable to leave due to the Covid 19 restrictions. Exceptional assurance does not grant you leave. It is a means of protection against any adverse action or consequences after your visa or leave has expired. It also protects against future visa applications being refused due to your inability to leave the UK in time before the expiry of your current visa or leave.

If you are in the UK and your visa or leave expires before 30 September and you are unable to return to your home country for reasons beyond your control such as you are unable to find a flight before your visa expires, you are a national of red list country, your country has closed its borders, or where quarantine facilities are temporarily over-subscribed, you can apply for Exceptional assurance.

If conditions of your current visa or leave allow you to work, study or rent accommodation you may continue to do so during the period of your Exceptional assurance.

To request Exceptional assurance, you must email the Home Office at  cihassuranceteam@homeoffice.gov.ukyour personal and visa details together with evidence of why you cannot leave.

If you’ve already been given assurance but your circumstances have changed or you’re unable to leave the UK by the assurance date previously given, you must reapply. You will need to confirm that you’re making a subsequent application and provide new supporting evidence.

If you intend to stay in the UK you will need to make the relevant application from within the UK, subject to the eligibility requirement. You’ll need to meet the requirements of the route you’re applying for and pay the UK application fee. You will not be able to apply for a route for which there is no provision in the Immigration Rules for making an in-country application, such as Youth Mobility Scheme, or Adult Dependant Relative. These applications will have to be made from outside the UK.